Amit Mishra gives a savage reply to Shahid Afridi after he criticizes India once again over Yasin Malik issue

Afridi came out in support of separatist Yasin Malik who confessed to terror funding charge.

Afridi came out in support of separatist Yasin Malik who confessed to terror funding charge India spinner Amit Mishra gave a befitting reply to former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi who once again took to Twitter to forward his political aspirations and criticized India for the treatment of separatist leader Yasin Malik, who was convicted in a terror funding case a few days ago and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Wednesday sought death sentence for him. 

Yasin Malik has been charged with hatching a criminal conspiracy, waging war against the country, other unlawful activities, and disturbing peace in Kashmir. In the last hearing, he had withdrawn his lawyer and had pleaded guilty. 

Afridi, who has shared his aspiration of joining politics in Pakistan, has often antagonized India by sharing his controversial views of Pakistani-occupied Kashmir and often asking the UN to intervene on this matter.

He came out in support of Yasin Malik on Twitter and asked the UN to take note of how he was treated by India.

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Afridi, with a photo of his with a backdrop of the Pakistan flag, on Twitter, wrote: "India's continued attempts to silence critical voices against its blatant human right abuses are futile. Fabricated charges against Yasin Malik will not put a hold to Kashmir's struggle to freedom. Urging the UN to take notice of unfair & illegal trails against Kashmir leaders."

However, he received a savage reply from India’s Amit Mishra, who blasted him for speaking in support of Malik, who has been accused of killing an Indian Air Force officer as well and has confessed to the terror funding charge.

He said that Afridi needs to stop misleading people just like he did with his birthdate. 

Dear @safridiofficial he himself has pleaded guilty in court on record. Not everything is misleading like your birthdate,” Mishra posted while quoting Afridi’s tweet.

This was not the first time Afridi has tried to say something on the Kashmir dispute.

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"It does not take a religious belief to feel the agony of Kashmiris...just a right heart at the right place. Save Kashmir," Afridi had written in 2020.

He had also said that he wished a team from Kashmir should play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) at some stage. He said: "I’ve been deeply humbled by all the love shown to me by the people of Kashmir. I hope that there will be a team from Kashmir in the next edition of the PSL. If there will be a team from Kashmir, I will want to play for that team.”


By Jatin Sharma - 25 May, 2022

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