Danish Kaneria hits back at Shahid Afridi for calling 'India enemy country'

Shahid Afridi was accused by Kaneria of forcing him to convert to Islam.

Danish Kaneria and Shahid Afridi for Pakistan | Getty

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi and spinner Danish Kaneria have been going at one another on social media. The latest salvo comes after Afridi had slammed Kaneria for accusing him of forced religious conversion and for giving an interview to an enemy country.

Kaneria one of the two Hindu cricketers to play international cricket for Pakistan, in an exclusive chat with Zee News, revealed that Afridi not only mistreated him but also forced him to convert to Islam.

Yes, Afridi used to often tell me to convert to Islam. But, I never used to take him seriously. I believe in my religion and it does not depend on cricket," Kaneria had told Zee News.

Kaneria also said that Afridi didn’t give him chances to play and effectively ruined his career.

“I feel the PCB should be independent from the government” feels Shahid Afridi

I was always degraded by Shahid Afridi. We used to play together for the same department, he used to keep me on the bench and didn’t let me play the one-day tournament. He didn’t want me to be in the team. He was a liar, manipulator… because he’s a characterless person. Shahid Afridi was the only person who would go to other players and provoke them against me,” the leg-spinner added.

This didn’t sit down well with the Pakistani all-rounder, who said: "If my attitude was bad then why he did not complain to the Pakistan Cricket Board or the department he was playing for. He is giving interviews to our enemy country which can incite religious sentiments. And the person saying all this, look at his own character.

Now Kaneria has hit back at Afridi for calling neighbors India enemy country and tweeted: "India is not our enemy. Our enemies are those who instigate people in the name of religion. If you consider India as your enemy, then don't ever go to any Indian media channel. When I raised my voice against forced conversion, I was threatened that my career would be destroyed.”



By Jatin Sharma - 09 May, 2022

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