BCCI’s profile photo on official Twitter handle gets blocked due to copyright claims

BCCI has been chided by cricket fans for their social media usage.

BCCI is known for striking down rogue videos with a copyright claim on social mediaThe Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is not only one of the biggest and richest cricket boards in the world, but they are also notorious for protecting their intellectual property.

Though BCCI has multiple social media accounts officially for multiple purposes, they rarely put out highlights of important events or matches on their Twitter handles. It’s usually photos or creatives that go there. Most of the time, BCCI gives a link to its website or the corresponding website for the highlights of catches, wickets, or anything.

However, if a Twitter user posts a video or a gif of certain instances of matches, their accounts are quickly struck with a copyright claim, and more often than not, not only the video is deleted, but the account gets banned as well. It has happened to many cricket archivists and normal users as well.

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Therefore, when BCCI got a taste of their own medicine, it was a true redemption for many cricket fans. BCCI’s profile photo on their official Twitter account was struck with a copyright claim and instead of the intended photo, a notice telling that “the media/image was removed in response to a report from the copyright holder” appeared.

Probably they got hacked by someone trying to get back at them. But it provided a lot of hilarious relief to cricket fans who have chided BCCI for not putting up videos and highlight packages on Twitter unlike other cricket boards, who do the same.



By Jatin Sharma - 03 Nov, 2020

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