Pat Cummins names this bowler as his quarantine partner

The deadly virus has affected more than 12,73,000 people globally.

Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins | Getty Images

With almost the entire world currently following the lockdown process in order to break the chain of the deadly COVID-19 virus, the quarantine regime is the best possible way to dent the impact of this virus by 90 percent with no vaccine available at the moment.

Like many other countries, Australia is also following the same method as they implemented the lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the country, which has recorded more than 5,500 infected cases with a total of 39 deaths so far.

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Well, the cricketers all around the world have been also asked to stay indoors in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, while many people have been staying in quarantine and self- quarantine with their family or alone at home (or quarantine centers) after coming into the contact of the infected people or coming from the COVID-19 infected country.

Recently, Australia star pace spearhead Pat Cummins has revealed his preferred quarantine partner and he would not be David Warner at all because of his energetic personality.

The 26-year-old said he would never prefer to be locked in quarantine with his teammate David Warner, and the reason behind it is the destructive batsman’s tireless energy, who doesn’t know the stopping.

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Cummins told Fox Sports: “I think it would probably be Davey Warner. He’s high energy, relentless. I don’t think he sleeps! He’s just a ball of energy, non-stop.”

Meanwhile, Cummins picked his bowling partner Josh Hazlewood as his quarantine partner because he is ‘a pretty cool character’. He added: “Josh Hazlewood is a pretty cool character. Very low maintenance. Give him a beer. Give him a nice simple feed and he’s happy. So maybe Josh Hazlewood.”

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By Rashmi Nanda - 06 Apr, 2020

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