Rohit Sharma slammed for “disrespecting India flag” as his new X profile photo stirs controversy

Rohit Sharma had planted the Indian flag in Barbados ground after India won the T20 WC.

Rohit Sharma planting the Indian flag in Barbados ground after T20 WC win | X India captain Rohit Sharma, who recently led Team India to the T20 World Cup 2024 win in the Caribbean and the USA, has found himself in a controversy regarding the national tricolor.

India was the first undefeated team to win the T20 World Cup, earning their first ICC trophy in 11 years. He led from the front with a brave batting approach at the top of the order and marshaled the troops while fielding, which was genuinely admirable.

Meanwhile, India captain Rohit Sharma celebrated by planting the Indian tricolor on the ground in Barbados after winning the final against South Africa on June 29. Later on, Rohit Sharma used the same photo as his X account profile photo.

Many fans were unhappy with Rohit's choice of photo and accused him of disrespecting the Indian flag. While Rohit's intention may have been to show India's dominance on the cricket field, fans perceived it as inappropriate on a foreign land, as the act symbolizes ownership of that territory.

Many fans pointed out the main reason for ire was the state of the Indian flag in Rohit's profile picture. The tricolor was seen touching the ground in the photo. Fans even highlighted a clause from the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971: "The flag shall not be allowed intentionally to touch the ground or the floor or trail in water".

Here are some of the reactions:



By Jatin Sharma - 09 Jul, 2024

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