WATCH: "He will need a body like me first," says Sourav Ganguly on Hrithik Roshan playing lead in his biopic

Ganguly also talked about his daughter Sana roasting him on Instagram.

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Former India cricketer and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly joked about his body on Neha Dhupia's show. Neha suggested Ganguly that Hrithik Roshan would be ideal to play his role if there will be a biopic on him.

When Neha said Hrithik would be the right choice to play the lead role in his biopic, Ganguly replied, “But he’s got to get a body like me, first."

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He further added, "Lot of people would say the way Hrithik’s body is, how good-looking he is, and how muscular he is, people would say ‘Aree, you’ll have to get a body like Hrithik’. But, Hrithik will have to get a body like me before he starts."

Ganguly also shared on-field sledging incidents and the funny comments from his daughter Sana on his Instagram posts. He often gets hilariously roasted by her with a one-liner despite being witty himself.

“I remember that I said I’m working on a Sunday and she had just woken up. So, what she was saying is that you work on Sundays and just see, I’ve woken up at 1’o clock in the afternoon. Because she had just finished her board exams.

"I think a lot of the trolls is with good humor. A lot of people told me that you should ask your daughter not to troll you on Twitter, Instagram.

"I say what the hell, she can do whatever she wants. Because I know she’s doing it in a good way and I don’t mind this banter. At least, she’s noticing dad because after 5-6 years she won’t even notice dad also,” Ganguly said.

Here is the sneak peek from Ganguly's chat with Neha Dhupia on 'No Filter Neha':


By Sihyeu Singh - 18 Sep, 2020

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