"It was really shocking", Vinod Kambli recalls incident when Inzamam-Ul-Haq tried beating up a fan

The infamous incident happened during the 2nd ODI of the 1997 Sahara Cup in Toronto.

Inzamam tried beating a fan after being called names | screengrab/ youtube

Being called names and constantly sledged by a fan during the 2nd ODI of the 1997 Sahara Cup in Toronto against India, Pakistan batsman Inzamam-Ul-Haq was seen entering the stand and trying to beat that individual with his bat in an infamous incident.

Recalling it on 'The Greatest Rivalry' podcast, Vinod Kambli, ex left-hand batsman and part of the Indian team at the time, said it was shocking what transpired at the ground, as the Indians, who were batting, saw Inzamam call for a bat from Pakistan team's 12th man and have a go at the jeering fan. 

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"In fact, that incident, because we were sitting in the dressing room and our team was batting, the Indian team was batting, we were sitting there in the dressing room and then suddenly we saw Inzi just trying to show for a bat," said Kambli. 

"He was just pointing out to a bat, so I saw the 12th man taking the bat, and passing by his dressing room and passing our dressing room too and went from there straight to Inzi. The entire incident was like, you were literally shocked. It was a shocking moment for all of us."

"We were first of all questioning how come a 12th man is taking a bat to Inzamam, and then the entire incident, whatever happened, but for what it was it was shocking, it was really shocking. We were discussing it with each other why this thing had happened," he added. 

The derogatory remark made by that fan wasn't the only one on the day, revealed former Pakistan fast bowler Waqar Younis, saying that the person was further making inappropriate comments towards the wife of Indian batsman Mohammed Azharuddin, which is also what triggered Inzamam. 

"Yes, there was someone calling him 'aaloo'. But also, what exactly happened [was that] there was someone in the crowd who was not very good to Azharuddin's wife," said Waqar on the 'The Greatest Rivalry' podcast. 

"I think they were just talking some rubbish and Inzi being Inzi, he didn’t really like it. And as I was mentioning, the friendship off the field between these two teams' players was outstanding, it was amazing, they had a lot of respect for each other," he added. 

For his action, Inzamam was banned for two matches and was even presented to the court. 


By Kashish Chadha - 01 Aug, 2020

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