Michael Vaughan and Alyssa Healy indulge in a heated Twitter banter

Vaughan’s remark didn’t go down too well with Healy.

Alyssa Healy and Michael Vaughan

In order to bring gender equality in the game, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) recently renamed the ‘Man of the Match’ award to the ‘Player of the Match’. The move follows changes by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the custodian of the laws of the game – although it retained the terms ‘batsman’ and ‘third man’.

This decision from ECB has garnered mixed responses from the cricketing fraternity. While most of the cricket experts are endorsing the decision, some traditionalists are criticizing the move as an example of political correctness.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan is one of them who is not happy with this decision at all.

Taking to Twitter, Vaughan lashed out at the board, stating: “So we now have ‘player of the match’ in cricket rather than ‘man of the match’ even when 22 Men are playing !!!! The world is officially going bloody nuts ….. #OnOn.”

Vaughan’s remark certainly didn’t go down well with Australia women’s wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy as she urged the ex-English skipper to open his eyes.

“If you think this is a major issue happening in the world right now you may want to open your eyes a little wider……” Healy replied.

Vaughan, however, was quick to clarify that it was never an issue for anyone.

“No major issue Alyssa … Not so sure we had to change it either as it didn’t seem a major issue before !” Michael Vaughan wrote in his clarification.



By Salman Anjum - 27 Aug, 2018

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