Rohit Sharma's ex-girlfriend has a bitter take on his emotional moment with wife Ritika

Rohit dedicated his 3rd double hundred in ODIs to his wife Ritika.

Rohit Sharma and Sofia Hayat

India stand-in skipper Rohit Sharma had dedicated his third ODI double century to his wife Ritika Sajdeh Sharma, as it came on the couple's second marriage anniversary in second ODI against Sri Lanka. Rohit had married Ritika Sajdeh on December 13, 2015.

His ex-girlfriend Sofia Hayat had a mixed reaction to his milestone. She also blamed people for gender discrimination. Sofia Hayat, a British-Indian model, had dated Rohit in 2012. However, earlier this year, she had stated that she blocked the 30-year-old Indian skipper from her Twitter account.

“I am happy that Rohit is gaining success. But wondering how people are discriminating things on gender. Rohit should understand it is just a 'bat-ball' game. Just that he is a man, so people are clapping,” she was quoted saying to International Business Times India.

Sofia, meanwhile, also said that no one paid attention to Kamchanmala Pande. "No one went this crazy when Kanchanmala (Pande) won the Olympics with her disability.

"That was something more encouraging and should have been more praised as per my opinion. I would be celebrating something better or social cause, not on this for sure,” she said.

"He (Rohit) has this old habit to credit his partner. When I was in his life, I used to be credited but I use to cry only when he played bad. I'm happy that Rohit has finally found someone who is trying to make him move on from me,” she continued.

Sofia, who is married to model Vlad Stanescu, had earlier converted to become a nun.

By Sihyeu Singh - 21 Dec, 2017

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