Farzi Times: Delhi boy files petition to ban Sanjay Manjrekar from doing commentary in upcoming T20I

The boy said he lost his hearing ability after listening to Manjrekar.

Sanjay Manjrekar | GETTY

Delhi is suffering from high pollution after the AQI reached over 430 after Diwali. Fans are worried as India is going to face Bangladesh for the first T20I in Delhi on November 1, and that would mean listening to the commentary of Mumbai's Sanjay Manjrekar. 

Delhiites' eyes are already watering because of the poisonous air, and now they will need extra care for their ears as well.

A local Delhi boy (name kept secret, Not Virat Kohli), filed a petition to ban Manjrekar from commentary and talked to Farzi Times about the noise pollution Manjrekar causes. "Delhi se hu bc," he said, starting the interaction.

Our reporter tried to ask few questions but he insisted to go to Connaught Place for further conversation. "So I was saying, tu jaanta hai mera doctor kaun hai? He is taking too much money to cure my hearing impairment, I can't sell another piece of land," he said.

The boy revealed he already got his ears damaged after listening to Ranu Mandal feat. Himesh Reshammiya. He further added, "If my hearing problem gets worse after listening to Manjrekar, I may not be able to talk to my girlfriend. You know we have to keep our voice lower than the sound of breath in the night because of parents?". For proof he asked our reporter to hear a recording of their calls which was saved as "mele babu ne thana thaya" 1, 2, 3 and more. 

A south Delhi girl grabbed the mic from the boy and said, "Oh ya, even I'm scared ya. I will avoid a cricket match and will spend time at some nose free place, like Zara store." 

Like laser show, let's see if Delhi CM Kejriwal comes up with an idea to counter the noise pollution. 

While the whole of Delhi is worried, Delhi University (DU) students aren't. A DU student said unless the noise is as over 99.6% troubling, it won't enter our university, even Dettol could barely make it. 

(Note: This article is pure fiction and just for fun. We don't mean to disrespect anyone in any way.)


By Sihyeu Singh - 30 Oct, 2019

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