Farzi Times: Rohit Sharma wants a new rule to tackle Kagiso Rabada

Rohit Sharma has been dismissed by Rabada most of the times in this tour.

Rohit Sharma and Kagiso Rabada | AFP

Rohit Sharma might be consulting doctors for the pills which can help him forgetting this South Africa tour. The Indian opener, who was toying with the Sri Lankan bowlers before this series has failed to score a total of 200 runs on this tour. 

He may try to remove memories of this awful series but South African pacer Kagiso Rabada won't. The young fast bowler has made Rohit his bunny by dismissing him in 6 out of 8 innings this year.

Similar to the film Padman, someone should make a movie 'Bat-man' for Rohit. Just to tell him there is no shame in holding a bat against Rabada. He needs to find a way to tackle the South African pacer, or Indian fans will forget him like the north-east states of India.

So what is Rohit doing to swim through the never-ending Rabada river? Farzi Times tried to find out through their sources. 

Sources suggest that 30-year-old has tried contacting International Cricket Council (ICC) to introduce them a new rule. As per Rohit, the rule should be, any pacer who dismisses a batsman more than 3 times in a series must not bowl over 140+ KMPH in the rest of the series. Hardik Pandya too came in support of this rule. Pandya thinks this rule will make him look like he also has dismissed a batsman thrice in the series. 

While ICC assured him that they will discuss on his suggestion, Rohit was still unhappy for not getting married in February. The Indian batsman has good scores around his wedding anniversary. This might have helped him on South African tour. Eh! Hope that doesn't get inside his mind, or Rohit may also ask the Indian government to introduce a bill for 12 marriages, one in each month. Just to ensure a double hundred every month. Selfish! 

(Note: The article is fiction! Pure fiction! ) 

By Sihyeu Singh - 11 Feb, 2018

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