Create Perfect Teams and Play Fantasy Cricket like an Expert

Create Perfect Teams and Play Fantasy Cricket like an Expert.

Create Perfect Teams and Play Fantasy Cricket like an ExpertWhile fans hardly had a chance to play cricket in times of pandemic, the much-awaited season of IPL 2021 has opened the doors for new refreshment for them. Watching their favorite crickets perform is surely a visual retreat for them, but at the same time, getting an opportunity to associate with the ongoing game through a virtual platform is even more appreciated.

If you are still wondering how that is possible, you should explore more about fantasy cricket, which gives cricket lovers like you a chance to select the team members of your choice from the two teams participating in a league. Choosing the best players would mean a sure-shot win for gamers. The gamers register with the app of their choice and pick up their desired players to win more and more points in the match. 

Based on how your chosen player performs on the field on the day of the league will determine your victory in the fantasy cricket game. As a result, choosing appropriate players becomes a crucial aspect of fantasy cricket. Given the same, the sources like Sportskeeda keep on offering the tips and tricks that you might apply for picking up suitable players for respective games to record a win in the game.
Here are some top tips that you can follow while choosing the best possible team to make sure you win the game.

Performance of the players
The first thing that you need to focus on being a fantasy cricket gamer is the performance of the players. Of course, the one who plays better than others would be your first choice, isn’t it? However, the question that arises here is what are the factors to help you understand which player is better. Most of the time, it is observed that gamers focus on only the last performance of the players, thinking that would define them the best.

However, it is advisable to not get drawn by just the previous performance. Instead, look for consistency as well. There are players who might perform well in one match, but then have the worst game in the next. On the other hand, some players perform well throughout their cricket journey to date.

Having someone who is consistent in being a good performer is highly recommended.
To create a perfect fantasy cricket team, therefore, looking into the previous performances is important, but keeping a tab of who has been consistent enough and who has the potential to do much better are yet other factors to keep in mind.

Pitch and weather conditions
The selection of players is influenced by multiple factors, one of which is assessing the pitch and weather conditions. Before any match commences, a clear pitch and weather report is shared with the cricket lovers awaiting their favorite teams to hit the field. As a fantasy cricket gamer, you should keep analyzing the recent reports and accordingly choose the players for your game. The condition of the pitch and the weather will assist you in what kind of cricketers you should include in your team for that particular day.

For example, if it’s a slow and dry pitch, having spinners in the team would be great. Hence, avoid swing bowlers as the conditions won’t favor their presence in those conditions. Thus, choose your players carefully based on the favourability of the surroundings besides assessing their performance only. When you register on a fantasy cricket app of your choice, be sure the team you are entering with is unbeatable.

Selection of captain and vice-captain
When you are selecting a team, the most difficult part that you come across is selecting a captain and vice-captain to give proper direction to the other team members. The choice will determine the speed at which points will multiply. Yes, you heard it. When you have a good captain and he performs well on the field during that match, he earns 2x points for the runs scored while a vice-captain, on the other hand, if performs well, will get 1.5x points for the same.

Thus, have the best players in the team selected as a captain and vice-captain. This will help you earn more and more points.

Have a proper balance in the team
While choosing players might sound and seem easy for gamers, there are certain factors, which if missed out can prove to be a blunder. In a team, it is very important to have cricketers gaining expertise in different shots and fielding tricks. There can be a player who is an excellent batsman while another one is an awesome bowler. It becomes quite difficult to make a choice. But one thing that you need to remember is to ensure proper balance in the team. 

It is recommended to not just focus on only a set of good batsmen as you will need bowlers and fielders too to help you win the game.

Arrange top-order batsmen
The first thing that serves to be the most important factor is to score as many runs as possible to make it tough for the opponents to reach the target. To achieve that, it is vital to have the best batsmen arranged in proper order to hit the pitch one by one. The best batsmen of the team should hit the pitch first to ensure they set a significant and unbeatable target for the other team to achieve. If this is ensured, half of the game is already in your favor.

The above-mentioned factors are a must to be considered when you start playing fantasy cricket, basing your win or loss on your chosen team members. A good team will surely mean a good win. Moreover, there are many new emerging cricketers whom you can look up to for twisting the game of cricket with their terrific shots and strikes. Thus, it is expected that you keep yourself updated and utilize all your knowledge and skills to make sure you choose a perfect team for a memorable win.


By Jatin Sharma - 03 May, 2021

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