"God is watching everything"- Sreesanth reacts to Gambhir's smile post; gets legal notice over his rant

The LLC commissioner isn't happy with Sreesanth's act on social media.

Gautam Gambhir and Sreesanth | X

Former Indian fast bowler Sreesanth made startling revelations on December 7, accusing Gautam Gambhir of calling him a "fixer" during a Legends League Cricket (LLC) 2023 match.

The controversy unfolded during an eliminator match between the Indian Capitals and Gujarat Giants in the LLC on December 6. Gambhir and Sreesanth were involved in a tense exchange, and the umpires had to step in to diffuse the situation on the field.

After the match, Sreesanth took to social media to open up about the incident, alleging that Gambhir used "bad words" and called him a “fixer” many times during their verbal exchange. Well, Gambhir didn't directly respond to Sreesanth's claims but posted a cryptic post on his social media handle.

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Gambhir captioned his post: “Smile when the world is all about attention!



Later, Sreesanth commented on Gambhir’s post: “You have exceeded the boundaries of a sportsman and a brother, and above all, you represent the people. Yet, you continue to engage in conflicts with every cricketer. What is the matter with you? All I did was smile and observe, and you labeled me a fixer? Seriously? Are you above the Supreme Court?

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You have no authority to speak in such a manner and say whatever you please. You even verbally abused the umpires, and yet you speak of smiling? You are an arrogant and utterly classless individual who lacks any form of respect for those who supported you. Until yesterday, I always held respect for you and your family.

However, you used the derogatory term "fixer" not just once, but seven or eight times. You even resorted to using the F-word towards the umpires and myself, persistently trying to provoke me. Anyone who has experienced what I have endured would never forgive you. Deep down, you know that what you said and did was wrong. I'm sure even God won't forgive you. You didn't even come to the field after that. Come on, God is watching everything.”

Sreesanth's reply on Gambhir's Insta postAfter their social media war went viral, Sreesanth was issued a legal notice by the LLC Commissioner over a 'breach of contract', as reported by NDTV.

According to a legal notice issued by LLC, Sreesanth's comments on social media regarding the on-field incident have been deemed a 'breach of contract.' The notice reportedly specifies that any further communication with Sreesanth is contingent on the removal of all posted videos on social media. Additionally, the notice highlights that the on-field umpires did not report any mention of expletives used by Gambhir during the incident.


By Rashmi Nanda - 08 Dec, 2023

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