Who will decide the top countries? Aakash Chopra questions Ravi Shastri's latest suggestion on Test cricket

Aakash Chopra also opined on the future of the ODI cricket.

Test cricket isn't only for big nations | Getty Images

Former Indian cricketer-turned-cricket pundit Aakash Chopra disagreed with Ravi Shastri's opinion to limit Test cricket to only the top nations and asked who would decide which of those top nations are.

Recently, former India head coach Shastri suggested that Test cricket should be limited to only the top nations to increase the quality of matches and make them more interesting for spectators.

But Chopra said doing so would ruin the entire game, not only the traditional format of the game.

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Aakash Chopra said on his YouTube channel: “Test cricket can happen in tiers but if only the top six play Test cricket, I feel world cricket will be in trouble, including Test cricket, which all of us are saying is a very important format and will not go anywhere.”

He added, “Who will decide the six countries, the top six in the rankings? Let's say that's the case, what will the others do? He (Shastri) said in the discussion that if you go out of the six, then you have no job and teams will come up from below. But who will come up from below because only six are playing Test cricket and the others are not playing at all.”

The former batter wasn’t also in favor of playing ODI cricket only in ICC events. 

He signed off by saying, “If you don't play ODI cricket at all and play only World Cup to World Cup, then why do you play it at all? Why are you carrying it? Leave it, don't play, it's absolutely fine. The World Cup should be in that format in which you play cricket between the two World Cups.”


By Rashmi Nanda - 05 Aug, 2022

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