ECB announces playing conditions for ‘The Hundred’

The tournament, as the name suggests, will have 100 balls per inning.

The Hundred is due to start on July 21 | GettyThe England and Wales Cricket Board (BCCI) has marked out the playing conditions for the inaugural edition of the Hundred. The tournament, as the name suggests, will have 100 balls per inning.

The ECB has now released the playing conditions that will be enforced in the competition, starting July 21.

The major change will be the usage of ‘balls’ instead of ‘overs’ as the measure of innings progression. However, commentators will continue to use the term ‘overs’ while being on-air.

Other big change is that two sets of five balls will be bowled from the same end and by the same bowler. The umpire will hold up a white card after the end of the first set of five balls.

First 25 balls of each innings will be counted in the powerplay, where only two fielders will be allowed outside the 30-yard circle.

The fielding team can take a two-minute strategic timeout at any given point after the completion of the powerplay.

In case of caught dismissals, the new better will take the strike even if the two batsmen crossed each other.

One point will be shared between each team if there is a tied match in the group stage. However, ‘Super Five’ will be played in case of a tie in the Eliminator and the final. Super Five, as the name indicates, will have five balls for each team.

If a Super Five is tied, another Super Five will be played but if that also ends in a tie, the team which would have finished higher in the group stage will be deemed winner.

Decision Review System (DRS) will also be introduced for the first time in England’s domestic matches. The third umpire will get the authority to call the no-ball.

Another notable change is if teams are running behind on the over-rate, they will have to field with one less fielder outside the inner circle when the penalty is incurred by the umpire.



By Salman Anjum - 13 Jul, 2021

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