ICC chief Barclay terms ‘India important part of world cricket’; doesn’t subscribe to Big 3 model

Companies based in India contribute over 70% of financial might to the ICC via sponsorship.

Team India | AFPThe new International Cricket Council (ICC) chief Greg Barclay feels that the world body of cricket should not underestimate the contribution that India, and the companies based there, providing financial support to the world body, make to the world cricket.

It is estimated that multi-national companies and local corporate houses based in India contribute well over 70 percent of financial might to the ICC through sponsorship. Also, India has one of the most glamorous teams that helps generate revenues through participation in ICC tournaments.

"I don't subscribe to the Big Three concept. I know that there were arrangements back in 2014 put in place that you could consider favored, in some respects, the more powerful three countries. But they were all rolled back quite a few years ago. Back in 2016, they changed England, by and large, and Australia certainly get the same amount of money than anybody else under the distributions (from the ICC)," Barclay said in a virtual media interaction.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) led the formation of the 'Big Three' model that provided a lion's share of ICC money for the BCCI, England, and Australia. The three argued that they contribute to the ICC more than any other members, so they deserved the biggest share of the money.

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But Shashank Manohar, who succeeded N Srinivasan as ICC President dismantled that model in 2015.

"India gets more, and I understand why, a point of view of note. What I would say is that the money flows as a consequence of getting a whole lot of other things done. I think we need to sit down and finish the ICC's global strategy for the coming eight to ten years, once we finalize and agree on what that strategy might look like. Then I think we need to start to build the bilateral program (between countries) to have a look at what moneys might flow out of that," said 59-year-old Barclay.

"India is a massively important part of world cricket, a hugely contributing member of the ICC. From time to time, like all families, we have internal squabbles or whatever, but I think that India recognizes its importance to not just the ICC but to world cricket and certainly, the ICC needs Indian cricket.

"So, we navigate our way through any differences that there might be from time to time. But, by and large, India was made a full member in the same year as New Zealand was, back in 1926. So, we both have been around as cricketing countries and full (ICC) members for close to 100 years. So, I think we can all assume that we are important contributing members of the organization, and I have no doubt that it would continue to be the case," he said.

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By Jatin Sharma - 30 Nov, 2020

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