Shoaib Akhtar in talks with PCB for chief selector post of Pakistan cricket

Akhtar is likely to replace Misbah-ul-Haq for the post of chief selector.

Shoaib Akhtar | Twitter

Former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar confirmed that he is in discussions with the Pakistan Cricket Board for the chairman of the selector’s post replacing Misbah-ul-Haq.

Misbah was under pressure after the team failed to perform consistently and PCB was in talks to get a new chief selector. Akhtar had earlier said people want to see someone who could make brave calls like him at that position.

Currently, Shoaib Akhtar is considered for the role and he is in talks with PCB. “I will not deny it. Yes, I have had some discussions with the board and I am interested in playing a major role in Pakistan cricket. But nothing is decided as yet,” Akhtar said on Thursday during a YouTube show “Cricket Baaz”.

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Akhtar said he is ready to take the new role and go out of his comfort zone. Misbah is currently the head coach of the Pakistan side along with the chief selector role. 

“I live a very comfortable life? I played cricket on my terms but now I have settled down. But I am ready to leave this comfort and try to put my neck on the line for the PCB...I am not afraid others give advice. I will give time if the opportunity arises,” Akhtar said.

The 45-year-old doesn't want to talk about the discussion openly, but he did hint that they are yet to confirm anything for now.

“Yes, there have been some discussions. I can reveal only this much but nothing concrete as yet. But talks are still on. I have not said “yes” neither have they (PCB) said “yes”,” he said.

Akhtar said he won't be doing the job for money, and he only wants to perform the role which would make him “bigger than the job”. “I don’t like saying this but it is a fact. Look I don’t want a job and I don’t need a salary. People want jobs and they come for salaries but I don’t need the money.

“I am ready to get in the line of fire. I will do it because I want to play a role in creating a pool of players from the new generation who play with an aggressive mindset and without fear of failure.”

The ex-Pakistan speedster wants to create players like Wasim Akram and Javed Miandad can take Pakistan cricket to new heights. 

“We need to start having players who have the same mindset that our greats like Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, or Mushtaq Muhammad had. The fast bowlers should not have muscular gym-toned bodies but ones that are cricket specific. I want to have 15 players who are brands and stars and this can only be possible if they feel secure and can win matches with their performances.”

“Honest and strong people don't complain": Shoaib Akhtar slams Misbah for making excuses

Highlighting what made the current Pakistan team weak, he said, “This mindset had to be changed. I believe that If had been with the team there was no way we would have lost the first test to England after reducing them top 117 for five? aggression is necessary for top cricket.”

“I have always believed in making tough decisions and people will back you.”

Talking about the current chief selector, Misbah, Akhtar said he should not focus on results all the time. “Everyone’s career has to end sometime. As a coach, he has to change his mindset. Play another two to three Haider Alis.”

Akhtar lauded the Indian cricket set-up and said they deserve to get praised. “Tell me what I am supposed to say. Virat Kohli is not just a top batsman but has around 70 plus international centuries. He as captain has built a formidable pace unit and they are winning matches for India. So how can I criticize him for anything tell me?

“Take for example Jasprit Bumrah. He has improved so much what do I say about his performances?"


By Sihyeu Singh - 11 Sep, 2020

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