Sachin Tendulkar agrees with Harbhajan Singh's call for more bowlers in ICC to maintain bat-ball balance

Harbhajan said the current rules have tilted the balance in favor of the batsmen.

Harbhajan Singh and Sachin TendulkarHarbhajan Singh called for more bowlers to be part of the International Cricket Council (ICC) in order to keep the balance between the bat and ball. He felt the paradigm had shifted towards batsmen more and bowlers were becoming mince meat.

He felt that bowlers needed something to go in their favor as well, as the current rules favored batsmen heavily. He commented on a tweet by batting legend Sachin Tendulkar who felt that he and Sourav Ganguly would have scored more runs than their 8227 together in ODIs, especially under current rules and regulations.

Tendulkar asks "How many more do you think we would have scored" sharing ICC's post; Ganguly replies

Harbhajan had tweeted,” At least few more thousands runs  easily..such a bad rule this is..need few bowlers in @ICC to keep the balance right between bat and ball.. and games become more competitive when team scores 260/270 now days everyone scorning 320/30 plus and getting chased as well often

The ICC has made many changes throughout the years to the limited overs game that has made scores of over 320 a norm. With two new balls, one from each end, there is no reverse swing left and spinners don’t get good enough grip on the ball, despite bowling in middle overs. The rule of only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle and flat, batting friendly pitches have made bowlers nothing but a joke in current ODI format.

Even Sachin Tendulkar felt the pain of bowlers and agreed with Harbhajan and said,” Couldn’t agree with you more Bhajji! Even I feel the rules and surfaces both need to be looked into.



By Jatin Sharma - 13 May, 2020

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