SA v AUS 2020: "Warner and Smith will be unfazed by jeering South African crowd," says Josh Hazlewood

Warner and Smith to return to South Africa for first time since sandpaper gate.

David Warner and Steve Smith | Getty

Steve Smith and David Warner won’t be fazed one bit by the South African crowd’s sledges according to Josh Hazlewood.

It will be the first time that Steve Smith and David Warner travel to South Africa after the ‘Sandpaper Gate’ and they will be expecting a lot of booing and sledging from the crowd there.

However, they showed that they remain unfazed through all of this after the Ashes series in England. Hazlewood believes that they will be unmoved in South Africa too.

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Hazlewood told the reporters, “Steve and Dave have ticked off pretty much every box since coming back. It’s just another one of those and I don’t think it’ll faze them one bit. They probably play better when it’s like this. It’s nothing we haven’t experienced before, (so) we’ll be fine.

There are reports that the head of the national players’ union will be traveling with the Australian team in order to provide extra support. Hazlewood believes that the heat from the crowds will mostly be taken in by Smith and Warner and the youngsters will not have to face it.

They’ll probably try to take as much heat as they can actually, try to keep the young guys out of the spotlight,” the 29-year-old said.

The pacer also revealed a way of getting along with the spectators and getting them on your side. He believes that having fun with them usually works and the people are by your side after a couple of overs.

Join in and try to have a good time with them. Often when you do that, they end up being on your side after a couple of overs. It is when you fight them that it becomes to and fro, and quite abusive. Ride the storm and go along with it,” Hazlewood added.

Australia's tour of South Africa will begin from February 21 with the T20I series.

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By Sameer Deodhar - 13 Feb, 2020

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