Ahmedabad ecologist names one of his newly discovered spider species after Sachin Tendulkar

His study published in the September issue of a Russian journal titled “Arthropoda Selecta”. ​

Tendulkar retired from game in 2013 | Getty Images

Sachin Tendulkar isn’t only a cricket legend but an emotion especially for the Indian cricket fans and of course, there is no match of the master blaster’s legacy that he enjoys even after his retirement from the game way back in 2013 in the country.

Ever since the talented cricketer stepped onto the 22 yards, he maintained the gold standard and became a national story, and continuous to inspire and influence the generations of cricketers.

Tendulkar, who isn’t only an icon, but also a true gentleman whose legacy continues forever, has a great fan base across the globe and they find numerous ways to pay tribute to this legend.

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Recently, Tendulkar received a special tribute from an Ahmedabad Ecologist named Dhruv Prajapati, a junior researcher with the Gujarat Ecological Education & Research (GEER) Foundation.

Prajapati, who is studying Ph.D. in Spider Taxonomy, has shown his love for Tendulkar in a very unique way by naming a newly discovered species of spider after legendary batsman.

He has recently discovered two new species of spiders and named one as ‘Marengo Sachin Tendulkar’ and the other – ‘Inomarengo Chavarapatera’ after Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, who is well known for spreading awareness on education in Kerala.

Explaining his unique choice of names for the two different species, Prajapati told Times of India, “I named Marengo Sachin Tendulkar because Sachin happens to be my favorite cricketer, while Inomarengo Chavarapatera is inspired by Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara who was a crusader in creating awareness about education in Kerala.”

He also added that the two new species belong to the Indomarengo and Marengo genus of Asian jumping spiders, revealing the ‘Marengo Sachin Tendulkar’ was found in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat, while the ‘Inomarengo Chavarapatera’ was discovered in Kerala.

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By Rashmi Nanda - 11 Nov, 2019

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