Phil Simmons wants Afghanistan to be ready for Test Cricket

Afghanistan are slated to play India in their inaugural Test in June.

Afghanistan coach Phil Simmons

Ever since the historic occasion of their maiden Test versus India was announced, the Afghanistan Cricket community has been on a quest to be as prepared as possible for the stern world of Test cricket. 

Phil Simmons, the current head coach of Afghanistan national cricket team, has come out and echoed the sentiment by reiterating that he wants Afghanistan to be ready for the Test match against India at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore from June 14. 

Simmon was recently quoted saying to the PTI that, "These boys have played four-day cricket with the associate nations and have done well. But Test matches are going to be a different ball game. The boys will realize this very soon and playing India makes it all the more challenging," 

Afghanistan has won four-day ICC Inter-Continental Cup and their coach thinks this along with the recent rise in the exposure for them at the highest level will help. 

He said, "So it is not like they have no idea about the longer format of the game. Test matches are all about patience, both in batting and bowling, and let me tell you it is a big adjustment. And that is what we need work on majorly over the next six weeks," 

He further said, "The nice thing I think is that we get to play in one of the better grounds, in Bangalore. It is one of the better wickets to bat on in India," 


By Kashish Chadha - 01 May, 2018

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