IPL 2020: Fans make fun of RCB as they announce brand makeover on social media

RCB deleted their profile photos from all social media platforms.

Royal Challengers Bangalore | IANS

The Bangalore based IPL franchise Royal Challengers of Bangalore (RCB) were now under the spotlight after they removed their profile picture from all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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But on Wednesday (13 February), the RCB account tweeted a new profile picture which looks like a new picture is loading. They also posted Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube meme which had the same photo for all for sites.

Here’s the photo from RCB:

The franchise was clearly looking to hint rebranding of their team but fans decided to flood the comment section with memes and had a go at them.

Here are some comments from Twitter:


By Swapnil Shireesh Javkhedkar - 13 Feb, 2020

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