Rashid Khan is taking inspiration from Virat Kohli for a high level of fitness

Rashid has been an integral part of Afghanistan cricket team and his fitness is important.

Rashid Khan | GETTY

Fitness has become a key part of every cricketer's career. It is important to care about the fitness to play for as long as possible, especially if you are an asset for the team. We have seen cricketers in the last decade going off track in their careers because of poor fitness. But the players from this generation aren't going to ignore the importance a good fitness plays.

No wonder almost every cricket team has made yo-yo test mandatory. Teams are strict about the score in the fitness test and don't want anyone in contention who has failed the test. 

Afghanistan, the rising limited-over team has also taken fitness very seriously. Their star cricketer Rashid Khan is idolizing Virat Kohli for fitness revealed team manager Hamkar.

“All the players have their idols. They follow them. Maybe, Rashid’s fitness process follows Virat’s, because Virat is a very fit cricketer. Rashid knows that. And I think it helps a lot (the trickle-down effect); when you come back (from the T20 leagues) and doing the hard work, and your teammates are watching you. So it really, directly influences the others to follow you,” Afghanistan team manager, Hamkar said in a conversation with The Indian Express.

They need a minimum score of 17.3 to pass the test. “Now, the minimum requirement has been raised to 17.3. But some guys, they are still improving. One or two guys we have are less than 17.3, but they are improving and will touch the mark before the World Cup,” Hamkar said, adding: “Some players have crossed 18,” he conceded 

Afghanistan has performed really well in Asia Cup 2018. They defeated Sri Lanka to kick out of the tournament too early. They, however, lost a close encounter against Pakistan in the first game of Super 4. Their next game will be against Bangladesh. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 23 Sep, 2018

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