Harbhajan Singh responds after being targeted for his commentary and political career on social media

Harbhajan Singh is an MP in Rajya Sabha, nominated by AAP Party.

Harbhajan Singh | PTI

Harbhajan Singh, who is currently on commentary duty for the T20 World Cup 2024, was insulted by trolls on social media. The netizens also took a shot at his political career as a Rajya Sabha MP.

Questioned over numerous such topics on social media, Harbhajan decided to give it back to trolls maligning his image. It all started with a troll criticising his commentary at the IPL. And then a chain of posts was formed.

Thank God kahi aur se nahi nikla khoon. God bless u Nice feedback though”- Harbhajan told one user for mocking his commentary.

Yes plz leave .. u are listening to me waha and yaha so please leave," Harbhajan had said in response to a troll who insulted his commentary.

Then a X user took a shot at Harbhajan Singh’s absence in Rajya Sabha where he was nominated as an MP by AAP Party.

"Tu bhi Nikal ja Rajya Sabha se, wahan bolte hue hamne nahi suna tujhe. Nalla, Tankwah kha raha Tax Payer ke paison pe bematlab,” an X user said.

Harbhajan Singh hit back saying: "Bhai mera sara salary goes for educating kids who can’t afford it not a single penny goes for my own use. and I am also a tax payer like you.. itna gusaa nahi karte.. and if u do wanna get some education let me know I will take care of ur study too.. u need to learn TAMEEZ."

However, many other X users backed the other netizen who had questioned Harbhajan Singh’s work as an MP.

Here are some of the posts:



By Jatin Sharma - 26 Jun, 2024

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