WATCH- MS Dhoni seen driving his vintage Rolls Royce on roads of Ranchi

Dhoni owns over 15 high-end and vintage cars and 70 bikes.

MS Dhoni driving his Rolls Royce in Ranchi | Instagram

MS Dhoni is well known for his love for vehicles and owns some of the most vintage moto-bikes and cars and even has a huge building dedicated to them on his farmhouse in Ranchi. He has at least 15 high-end cars and 70 bikes.

Some of the brands he owns are Kawasaki Ninja, Ducati, Harley Davidson, and more. His latest ride, the Rolls Royce, adds another feather to his cap of exotic vehicles.

Recently, Dhoni was seen driving his vintage 1980 Rolls Royce on the streets of Ranchi in a video captured by a fan. Dhoni driving his blue Rolls Royce, is seemingly oblivious to being filmed, as he focuses on navigating the roads of Ranchi.

Check here:

Dhoni's passion for automobiles has often made headlines. From his Hummer H2 worth Rs 75 lakh to his recent acquisition of the KIA EV6 worth Rs 61 lakh, Dhoni's car collection is as diverse as it is impressive.

He recently underwent knee surgery right after the IPL 2023 ended and since then has been at his house in Ranchi. He also celebrated his 42nd birthday on July 7th and received wishes from all around the world from his fans.


By Jatin Sharma - 25 Jul, 2023

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