WATCH- "You have mastered this too," Kane Williamson comments as Steve Smith delivers perfect 'latte art'

Steve Smith showed how to perfectly do the latte art.

Steve Smith showing how its doneSteve Smith is one person who likes to practice which art he is doing in order to get it perfect. He has been documented shadow batting by his teammates even in his room, until he gets whatever he is working on, perfect.

Recently, Kane Williamson, New Zealand skipper, had taken to social media to share a clip of his attempt at coffee art. Williamson drew a fern on a cup of coffee and received quite a few reactions from his good friends, including Steve Smith and Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli, India skipper said it wasn't as elegant as Williamson's backfoot punch. While, Smith shared a tip, "When you are doing the last flick you have to lift the pouring cup so it's a thin line and not splashing the milk in."

Williamson appreciated the comment and sought a demonstration video from Steve Smith. "Sound advice. Any chance that comes with a demonstration video," the Black Caps skipper had replied.

"Cricketers and their latte art! Here u go mate, this is my attempt! Any feedback? @kane_s_w. Maybe we should stick to hitting balls," Smith wrote as caption for his video.

"Haha bro I'm not surprised that you've mastered this too! A few more coffee net sessions for me," Williamson wrote. Meanwhile, Warner commented that he was not even going to attempt it.

Here is Steve Smith’s latte art effort:



By Jatin Sharma - 12 May, 2020

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