ICC asks fans to guess the stadium and receives hilarious answers

Only few fans were able to guess the stadium correct.

Eden Park, Auckland | GETTY

International cricket council (ICC) has kept fans entertained on social media with their engaging posts. They came up with another one Sunday, and this time fans decided to have some fun.

In their post, ICC attached a picture of the sky and the stadium's room and asked fans to guess the venue. 

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Fans were not happy with ICC posting no hints. They replied with some hilarious answers and it was fun to go through them.

Some of them managed to get the answer right, which was Eden Park, Auckland. 

India had played an ODI game on their tour to New Zealand. They got defeated by 22 and it was their 2nd loss in the three-match series which meant a series loss too.



By Sihyeu Singh - 03 May, 2020

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