WATCH - Chris Gayle takes the 'Stay At Home' challenge; does workout in superhero outfit

Gayle is known for his uniqueness and never disappoints his fans.

Chris Gayle | Twitter

Caribbean cricketer Chris Gayle has his way of doing things. His unique style is what makes his fans favorite. The explosive batsman never fails to attract fans, whether it's off or on the field.

This time, when the whole world is concerned about COVID-19 and people are getting self-isolated to avoid any possible threat, Gayle took the 'Stay At Home Challenge' and shared a video working out.

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Funnily, the cricketer gave work out at home his own touch. He wore a superhero-like outfit and worked out. Gayle took to social media to post the video with Eye of the Tiger’ of the Survivor playing in the background. He wrote, "#StayAtHomeChallenge #Attitude."



By - 19 Mar, 2020

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