Aakash Chopra finds himself in trouble over special guest on his show after his wife finds out on Twitter

Aakash Chopra's YouTube channel AakashVaani is quite popular.

Aakash Chopra with wife AakshiFormer India player-turned-commentator Aakash Chopra is one of the few people on Twitter who know how to properly joke without offending many people. His show AakashVani has become a quite famous YouTube channel with Chopra bringing in his views in quirky ways.

Chopra usually announces any special guest appearing on his show on Twitter and it is mostly a sneak peek kind of a thing with the introduction to raise the intrigue amongst his followers. However, this strategy of his backfired mightily as he was caught by his better half trying to introduce someone that is close to his heart.

Aakash Chopra tweeted that “We disagree more than we agree on things. Well...let’s say we agree to disagree. Very close to my heart though. And she’s making an appearance on tomorrow’s #AakashVani. Any guesses who she is? No, it’s not my wife... ???????? in fact, she doesn’t even know her... ????????

However, he seemingly forgot that his wife is also on the short messaging platform and she didn’t find the introduction humorous which insinuated something more than that met the eye. In a true wife form, his wife Aakshi tweeted, “Excuse me!! Whatever is happening here?!! ???? This 'Close to my heart' needs some explaining ????????”

People starting trolling Aakash Chopra on this misstep of his, while Chopra sheepishly tweeted, “When you realise that wifey is also on Twitter....how did that fact slip my mind?? @AakshiChopra, you should tweet more ????????



By Jatin Sharma - 11 Sep, 2019

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