WATCH- Maharashtra team requires 6 runs off 1 ball to win; manages to win with one ball to go in amazing fashion

The batting side required 6 runs of the last ball to win the match.

Bowler cops an earful from his teammates as he bowls six wides in a row to lose a seemingly easy match for his teamThe best and most amazing way to win a cricket match is hitting a six off the last ball. The most amazing example of this was Javed Miandad hitting a six off Chetan Sharma’s last ball of the match and winning the 1986 Sharjah Cup.

However, we have an instance for you, when a team required six runs to win off the last ball to win a five overs-a-side tennis ball match and managed to win the match with one ball to spare. Sounds weird?

Well, in an Adarsh Cricket Club (Padlegaon) 2019 match between the teams of Desai and Juni Dombivli, this is what happened precisely.

Desai had reached 70/4 at the end of 4.5 overs and needed six runs to win the match off the last ball. However, the left-arm pace bowler managed to completely bungle up the situation, as he kept bowling outside off stump in an effort to keep the batsman on strike from hitting the ball for a six.

He managed to bowl six wides in a row, much to the anger and dismay of his teammates, who are seen tearing into him, as the opposition enjoys merrily.

Watch the amazing win here:



By Jatin Sharma - 09 Jan, 2019

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