Social Media trolls take a jibe at MS Dhoni's simplicity

Dhoni is known for his calmness and simplicity.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is famous for humble nature. His simplicity, even after achieving so much has always made him different from others. As shown in his biopic, 'MS Dhoni: The Untold Story', Dhoni's father advised him to not let the fame get into his head, seems like he followed the words very well.

The former Indian captain who led India to victory in three ICC tournaments, is often seen mingling with the locals in Ranchi without any security. 

Social Media, which never fails to turn anything into a joke, did it again. This time with their favorite cricketer Dhoni. Various social media platforms are flooded with 'Dhoni and his simplicity' memes and they are hilarious.

The netizens are just taking a dig at fans who overdo things to glorify their idols. Considering Dhoni didn't give anyone chance to have a go against him during the IPL, this trend may help them to pull his leg.

Here are some of the best posts:



By Sihyeu Singh - 05 Jun, 2018

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