WATCH: When AB de Villiers almost eavesdropped on his teammate's romantic talks

De Villiers shared the story about his prank during India's tour in 2007-08.

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AB de Villiers' innocent face makes it easy for him to pull his weird pranks. Yes, the South African cricketer is a known prankster among his teammates. He recently appeared on the talk show, 'What The Duck 3' along with Jonty Rhodes and shared few anecdotes about his funny pranks.

De Villiers revealed that he once was almost ended up listening to romantic talks of Paul Harris, his teammate during South Africa's tour to India in 2007-08. The whole team was staying in Kanpur for the third and final Test and ABD was spot on again.

"In the hotel, I realized my remote was working on all the TVs in the hotel. So Paul Harris was visiting my room and then he went to Mark Boucher's room one evening and when he went to Boucher's room, I quickly went to his room because he left his door unlatched. So, I quickly ran inside, under his bed with my remote and then he had his own TV remote, he switched his own when he got back eventually and I would switch it off, then he switched it on, I'd switch it off, switch it on and then I'll go volume up, like really loud, he would turn it down."

"Eventually he decided that he's had it now. Enough called the reception and was like: "Listen here, my TV is broken! Come up now! Now!" So, I'm sitting at the bottom and obviously, he gave up because he will switch it on and I switched it off. So eventually he threw the remote and decided to call his wife and he's telling her the whole story: "This TV, this place, I'm not happy with Kanpur, I just wanna come home now, the stress is getting long."

Harris then went on to have some private chat with his wife and De Villiers was there under the bed listening all of it. "I'm missing you so much, my baby. I can't wait to see you, on yeah! I'm going to kiss you." So, I realized that I'm in a spot of bother, under his bed and he's starting to get a bit personal with his wife. And, then I decided to come out and say, 'I'm sorry I'm here. Before you go into the next level, let me just get out of the room. That was good."

De Villiers' famous prank on the then South African skipper Graeme Smith is also famous. Talking about it he said, "It was a long time ago in Kanpur. So we were one up against India and we were staying there and the hotel was a little of a run down, so it's one of those eerie hotels. I think Graeme was already not happy about the look of it because he's quite scared of ghosts and there were talks about it in the team. Before then we were in Jaipur and he was scared quite a bit of dark hotels and old-fashioned hotel.

"But we got to Kanpur and I was staying in the corner of hotel. I'm on this side and I realized all through the trip that his window, I could actually climb into his room and he had like a quite a big suite. So he had a TV room and lobby area, whatever, and then the main bedroom. So late at night, I thought of to climb through when he's asleep and I switched the TV on in the part of the room and put it quite loud and jumped back into my room again. Obviously, Graeme got out of the bed and switched the TV off. He was not very happy with the situation there. I did it three or four times and then let it go.

"And the next day I heard him at the training session complaining about his funny stuff happening in his room. In the next evening, I took it to the next level and I was turning the paintings on the wall and putting the chairs in different areas. So he was calling the reception there and telling them that he wants to go to another room and he is not happy with this place. Eventually, I decided to tell him and he was quite upset."

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By Sihyeu Singh - 19 May, 2018

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