Shoaib Akhtar tweets his views on Kashmir debate and Salman Khan

Shahid Afridi was slammed by Indian cricketers for asking for UN intervention in Kashmir.

Salman Khan and Shoaib Akhtar

Former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar tweeted his views on the ongoing Kashmir debate and also on Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s conviction in black buck killing case.

Salman Khan was found guilty in the 1999 black buck killing case in Jodhpur and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and Rs 10,000 fine. However, after staying in the Jodhpur jail for a night, Salman Khan got bail from the court. Shoaib Akhtar felt relieved on Salman getting bail.

However, he didn’t stop there and tweeted that “Finally Salman gets a relief from honourable court I wish 1 day in my life time i get a news of Kashmir Palestine Yemen Afghanistan & all the troubled area of the world are free bcoz my heart bleeds for humanity & loss of innocent life ..

His tweet comes after Shahid Afridi’s tweet in which he talked about atrocities committed by Indian Army in the “Indian occupied Kashmir” and called for UN intervention in the region. Afridi was slammed by many Indian cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Mohammad Kaif and Shikhar Dhawan for calling it Indian occupied Kashmir and for inciting needless hatred in the peaceful region.

Shoaib Akhtar was also slammed by many users on Twitter asking him about atrocities in Baluchistan and other areas in Pakistan.


By Jatin Sharma - 07 Apr, 2018

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