Ishant Sharma gives an apt reply to a rude fan for his taunting post on social media

Ishant Sharma is playing in the second Test against South Africa.

Ishant Sharma with his wife. | Instagram

Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma completely lost his cool over a fan post on Instagram. A user tried to taunt the pacer on famous '25 saal ka badla' pre-series promotion by the broadcaster of this series. However, he later deleted the tweet after Ishant reacted in a furious way.

The comment was on Pratima Singh, Ishant's wife post. Pratima has shared a post where she can be seen injured. She is a professional basketball player and had got while playing. 


A post shared by Pratima singh (@pratima0808) on

Ishant, being a concerned husband commented on the post asking her to take care of herself. He wrote, "Winner..dekh kar khelo!!! Kyu South Africa mai tension de rahi ho." On which, Pratima joked, "Rajput ko chot nahi lagti!!! Chot ko rajput lagta hai !! Dont worry love." 

Fans enjoyed the conversation between the two lovebirds. Later the pacer even asked his wife to take revenge from the one who hurt her. However, Pratima being a sport, said no one did it intentionally. 

Amid of their conversation, the fan had tried to tag a dig at Indian team, who are in big trouble at Centurion trying to save the series. Ishant didn't like it a bit and wrote, "Beta tu apna dekh!! Or kam bol subah subah deemag kharab karega toh India aakar tujse hi hisab loonga!! Or agar itni tension hai toh ja mandir or prasad chada ki hum haare na!! Warna chup baith mummy ki godh mai or comment kar."

While Ishant was losing his calm on the comment, Pratima too reacted on the comment and asked the user to get a life. 

Here are the screenshots of the conversation:



By Sihyeu Singh - 17 Jan, 2018

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