“Someone explain to us in plain English?” Shane Warne on Novak Djokovic visa controversy

Novak Djokovic's visa to Australia for Australia Open tournament was canceled because he is not vaccinated.

Shane Warne | Getty Images

The cricketing world legend, Shane Warne said he feels “embarrassed” by the drama surrounding Novak Djokovic’s entry into Australia.

On Tuesday, Warne said that he would like to get some basic questions answered like, whether the Serbian tennis star attended public events despite being infected by the COVID-19 virus and who gave him the medical exemption for the same?

World number one Novak Djokovic has been the center of global controversy after landing unvaccinated in Melbourne.

Novak’s visa was canceled on landing and he was placed in detention. But the player fought in court to have it reinstated and was also seen playing a practice match at Melbourne Park on Monday.

The World Champion said that he does not need the vaccine as he tested positive for the COVID-19 just the previous month. There was an outrage when the pictures of him during his illness were shared in public events and widely spread.

"Are these facts true? As I've read so many different reports in this messy embarrassing saga. Novak tested positive to covid Dec 16 & attended a public event on the 17th that inc (included) children. Said he hadn't travelled in 14 days before arriving in Oz but travelled Jan 2 to Spain?" tweeted Warne.

Born in Victoria, the cricket legend has represented Australia in 145 Test matches and went on to become one of the most successful spinners with 708 wickets. Warne wants to know who cleared the medical exemption for the tennis star, Djokovic.

"And did Novak have a medical exemption? If so - has the person who gave it to him been identified? What was that exemption? Just trying to get the facts as I'm embarrassed as a Victorian at this situation. Vic Govt are quiet? Can someone explain to us in plain Eng please," Warne's second tweet read.

Top tennis players, including Andy Murray, Australia’s own Nick Kygios empathized with the World Champion. Rafael Nadal also said that Djokovic had to follow the consequences of the conscious choice he made. 

Djokovic has stated that he is "opposed to vaccination" and "wouldn't want to be forced by someone" to take it for traveling or competing.


By Khushi Raghuwanshi - 11 Jan, 2022

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