Farzi Times: After Sakshi Dhoni, Anushka Sharma applies for gun's licence for a special reason

Anushka Sharma was in the news recently for scolding a guy who threw garbage on the road.

Anushka Sharma | AFP

Sakshi Dhoni, the wife of former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni, reportedly wants to own a gun after citing threat to her life. She has applied to the Ranchi Magistrate for the license which is still being processed.

Taking inspiration from Sakshi, Anushka Sharma is also applying for the gun's license but her reason is different. She is asking for the gun to shoot those who will throw litter in open.

The news spread like fire in a jungle and people of Kanpur are happy that Anushka doesn't come to their city. A guy from the area expressed his happiness from Uttar Pradesh. "We are happy that Anushka bhabhi isn't from Kanpur. Here in our area, we love Diwali so much that we keep making rangoli with the help of Guthka and Pan masala whole year. She would not have liked it," a guy said, spitting guthka every 1 minute. They like making rangoli all 12 months, but none of them is HR.

Anushka looks very strict when it comes to keeping the city clean, we saw it in the video Virat Kohli shared. Now after the Bollywood actress has applied for the license, Virat also wants to be a cinematographer. He has already bought a DSLR. However, in the first day of his class, Virat was punished after the teacher asked if he clicked pictures of his friends for Facebook and Instagram profile picture or not after buying the DSLR, and he answered, no.

He might have failed in the first step, but Virat will have to take care of the second step which is an important one. The Indian skipper will now have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner hanging the DSLR in his neck. If he wants to sleep, s#it or bat, it is compulsory to keep the DSLR with him.

This is the only time Virat will be feeling sad about forcing Anil Kumble to resign. Kumble would have taught him the art of getting perfect frame. Only a few know the Andre Esteban in the movie 'Three Idiots' is Anil Kumble.

Note: The article is just for fun and not to offend anyone. We don't intend to spread the rumors. 


By Sihyeu Singh - 20 Jun, 2018

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