Farzi Times: R Ashwin to direct a Bollywood thriller movie

R Ashwin's recent interview got him a new contract.

R Ashwin with Virender Sehwag | Twitter

R Ashwin is looking forward to his new role of captaincy and he seems to be excited about it, a little more than we expected. Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)'s skipper chat with ANI has left fans worried for the upcoming season. 

Ashwin stated that he will be unpredictable in the eleventh edition of IPL, "It is a new challenge. You'll not be able to predict my next move. All players you think are going to open, will play in the middle order and all the middle-order batsmen will open. I'll try and stay as unpredictable as possible," Ashwin was quoted as saying by ANI.

Fans have started watching Christopher Nolan's movies to stay prepared for Ashwin's next move. Some say Paul the Octopus died in 2010 so that no one could ask him to predict Ashwin's next plan because that's way above anyone's capability.

Bollywood is also impressed with Ashwin. One famous producer who loves his Koffee and supports Kings XI Punjab because of Preity Zinta and the alphabet K, wants him to direct a film matching the level of Hollywood movie Inception. The producer was planning to cast Vin Diesel in the lead role. However, the budget wasn't allowing and hence, he had to settle with Herschelle Gibbs in the lead role. Keeping Ashwin in mind, sources close to the producer are still not sure if it's a movie, documentary or a TV series. 

On the other hand, after watching Ashwin's interview, Mohit Sharma started his batting practice and KL Rahul has joined MRF pace academy incase Ashwin throws the ball at him during an IPL game.

There are also talks of Ashwin joining comedian Kapil Sharma's show. As per Farzi Times reports, Kapil liked Ashwin's unpredictability. However, his team is very worried. The spinner can ask them to play male, female, or... It's way above our prediction.

Prithi Ashwin isn't impressed with her husband's new attitude."Last day I asked him what to cook for dinner, he said, 'It's a new challenge. You will not be able to predict what I want to eat. My dinner can be lunch and breakfast can be dinner. I will try to stay as unpredictable as possible'. I have started to worry now," she said when asked about the change in Ashwin's behavior after getting KXIP's captaincy. 

NOTE: The article is just for fun and not to disrespect any cricketer. It's creation of pure fiction and we request our readers to not take this literally.


By Sihyeu Singh - 14 Mar, 2018

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