5 Players who might never play for India again

These five players were once indispensible members of Team India, but now are not in the contention for a comeback.

Many of the players in this photo have retired, while some are holding on to the last thread of hope for a comeback

Playing for your country is the best thing to happen for any cricketer as it is a dream come true moment. For the players who get to the point where they wear the blue colored Indian cap, they wish to have a long career in which they are successful to win matches for their country.

Also, there comes a time when the career winds up and comes to an end due to form and age issues. Player has to give up the high of playing for the country in front of thousands of people and settle for something else.

People and cricket fans will remember them for their achievements, moments and for being the inspiration to many young minds who pursued the sport to emulate their heroes.

Team COC presents to you five such players who have been invaluable to the team for a long time, but now the time has come that we might never see them playing for the Indian team ever again for one reason or the other.

Here are 5 Players who might never play for India again


By Jatin Sharma - 13 Nov, 2018

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