CWC 2023: "Idea was started 4 months back"- T. Dilip on fielding award for Team India in World Cup

The mastermind behind this creative initiative is none other than T. Dilip himself.

T Dilip with Rohit Sharma | Getty Images

Team India’s fielding coach, T. Dilip, revealed the reason behind the unique tradition adopted by the team management where they award a medal to the best fielder in that particular match in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

After every World Cup 2023 game, the coaching staff, led by Dilip himself, identifies and honors one standout fielder with a medal uniquely and grandly.

The captivating behind-the-scenes footage capturing these fielding awards in the Indian cricket team’s dressing room has become the talk of the town in the ongoing ODI World Cup 2023.

Well, the mastermind behind this creative initiative is none other than Dilip himself. He provides a complete analysis of the Indian cricket team's on-field performance, highlighting exceptional acts of fielding brilliance in the ongoing World Cup 2023.

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T. Dilip said in the post-match press conference: “So, the whole idea started and you are seeing the medal in the World Cup. But this idea we started four months back, when we started to declare the best fielder award in the dressing room in every game. Just at the medal and we can see the medal presentation all over in social media now in the World Cup.”

This has also led to a healthy degree of competition among Indian squad members, with everyone seeking to put their bodies on the line and give their all on the pitch to win the coveted dressing room medal for the best fielder. 

It's apparent from the way players have celebrated after catching balls, motioning to the fielding coach and requesting the medal to be given to them.

He added, “But the whole idea was to make sure that we not only encourage or talk about that brilliant catch but also the consistent performance in a 50-over game, which is very important because 300 balls, how you carry that consistency, whether it is catching or effort or intensity, is what we want to get that important going. So that was the main reason behind getting this medal.”

Notably, Team India will now face New Zealand in the first semi-final of the ongoing World Cup 2023 on November 25 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

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By Rashmi Nanda - 13 Nov, 2023

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