"It’s ludicrous," Brad Hogg on having joint winners at WTC final; suggests 'Timeless' Test match

India will be taking on New Zealand in the WTC final from June 18.

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ICC recently announced the playing conditions for the final of inaugural edition of World Test Championship (WTC) where in case of a tie or a drawn match, both teams will be announced joint-winners and will be sharing the trophy.

This decision was not well received by the fans as well as by pundits of the game. Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg was one of them as he believes there should be only one winner in this final between India and New Zealand.

After two and a half years of hard-fought Test cricket with both home and away series of the best Test-playing nations around the world, why should the final ending in a draw create joint-winners. I think it’s ludicrous,” Hogg said on his YouTube channel.

"Whichever team bowls best will win the final of WTC 2021," says Brett Lee

Hogg then talked about how ICC has not though it through about having a winner in this game and then went on to suggest a couple of solutions that he came up with.

So we can have a couple of solutions. We can go to the team that finished at the top of the ladder and can hold that cup. But I don’t think that is the one that we need. We need something different, new, something that brings back an old tradition of Test cricket,” the left-arm spinner said.

The Timeless Test match, those Test match that go on until we find a victor. A timeless Test is a match of Test cricket played under no limitation of time, which means the match is played until one side wins or the match is tied, with theoretically no possibility of a draw,” he added.

Team India will be taking on New Zealand in the WTC final which will be played at Southampton, slated to begin from 18 June.


By Swapnil Shireesh Javkhedkar - 05 Jun, 2021

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