Smriti Mandhana feels COVID-19 hasn't impacted women's cricket more than men's cricket

The last women's international match was the T20 World Cup final between Australia and India in March.

Smriti Mandhana | AP

The Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia saw a record crowd of over 80,000 people for women's cricket during the Women's T20 World Cup Final on 8 March. Since then, the COVID-19 has been put on hold all the women's international series and three major series have been canceled so far.

Indian opener Smriti Mandhana believes that women's cricket hasn't been impacted more when compared to men's cricket as it had just received a big boost in Australia. Although, it would take the players some effort again to raise the interest among fans.

Mandhana told IANS, "Well, I can't say that it (Covid-19 pandemic) has impacted women's cricket more. Women's cricket got a good jump after the T20 World Cup in Australia. I feel that if the women's cricket would have happened right after the World Cup then obviously it would be better for the game. Now we have to again start performing and get that interest back," she added.

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The 24-year-old also revealed that the Indian women cricketers have begun training at home. It will ensure that even though they lack match practice, they will be on par with their fitness routines.

She was quoted as saying, "It is a true fact that we have not played any cricket since the Women's T20 World Cup final but we all have begun with our training during the lockdown itself. Each one of us is keeping our fitness and performing skill work at home. The match practice sessions are something that is completely different so will see that later."

She was quick to rub-off thoughts of captaincy in her mind and stated that she was only focussed on winning games for her nation.

"Well, the goal right now for me is to only win matches for my nation and nothing else. Captaincy is something that will happen to you when it has to. I personally haven't thought about it yet," the left-handed batter concluded.

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By Sameer Deodhar - 10 Sep, 2020

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