SA v IND 2018: Sourav Ganguly criticizes Newlands ground management system after Day 3 washout

Ganguly asked the Newlands ground management system to take a leaf out of Eden Gardens.

Play on Day 3 has officially been called off in Newlands | Twitter

Day 3 was full of anticipation considering the way things had panned out in the first two days of play at Newlands. However, rain ruined it for all having popped up into the scene at 3 am in the morning as Day 3 of the ongoing India-South Africa Test was called off without a ball being bowled.

Even though the downpour had stopped for a bit in the late afternoon, the super-soppers turned out to be a problem in one of most eminent cricket venues in the world. Thus, former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly has criticized the Newlands ground management system asking them to take a leaf out of Eden Gardens.

"It is surprising isn't it that in such a fantastic cricket venue the super sopper can also turn out to be an issue when such an important series is going on. I think they should take a leaf out of the book of Eden Gardens on how to keep the ground ready under rain," Ganguly said while speaking to India Today.

"I was in fact surprised at the start of the play that only the pitch was covered and the outfield wasn't covered. Such a fantastic cricket ground where so much of cricket happens and where I don't think so that money would have been the issue. Even on TV, they had said that the drainage system of the ground is very good. But if you let the ground be peppered by rain for three hours then no drainage system is good enough. And thus I was surprised not to see any covers," he added.

Ganguly, who is currently shouldering the responsibility of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) as a President, has played a key role in improving the facilities and drainage system at the iconic Eden Gardens. During the 2016 ICC WT20 encounter between India and Pakistan, there was a persistent rain throughout the day in Kolkata but the top-notch ground management system ensured an 18-over game which the hosts had won.

Talking about the rain in the context of the match, Dada said Virat Kohli and company would be happy with the situation as it will be easier for them to save the game. India have already conceded the lead of 142 in the second innings while South Africa still have 8 wickets in hand.

"With so much of open spaces and so much of moisture getting underneath the covers onto the pitch which had enough for the fast bowlers in the last two days of the Test match and thus with so much rain there is a big possibility that the moisture just getting spiced up. With the rain intervening, time taken out of the Test match would actually benefit the Indians who would be looking to save the game," concluded Ganguly.


By Salman Anjum - 08 Jan, 2018

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