SA v AUS 2018: Kagiso Rabada reveals his favorite dismissal from the South Africa v Australia Test series

South Africa defeated Australia 3-1 in the four match series.

Kagiso Rabada shouldered Smith after dismissing him out

South Africa rendered a 3-1 win over Australia in the recently concluded four-match Test series, which was full of controversies and some extremely wonderful display of cricket.

Kagiso Rabada picked up 23 wickets in the series and won the Man of the series award. Speaking to press after the match, Rabada was asked about his favorite wicket in the series, and he revealed that Steve Smith’s controversial dismissal in Port Elizabeth Test was the one.

"I think the Steve Smith one," Rabada said when asked what his favorite dismissal of the series was. "Because we were a bit behind after lunch so we need that spark. After that, that’s when the momentum started rolling for us."

Rabada trapped Smith lbw for 25 in the afternoon session on day one at St George's Park to spark a collapse of 5-21. Rabada sparked quite a huge debate, as he mouthed off a send off to Smith and shouldered him. Rabada was banned for the next two Tests after he accumulated enough demerit points, but the ban was overturned during the appeal.

"I don’t think I always celebrate like how I did against Steve Smith," he said. "It’s just what’s in the moment. At times, I give a casual celebration but I am truly happy, however sometimes in a big moment it just fires you up and you can’t control it. Obviously, I’ve made an effort not to get banned."

Kagiso Rabada also became the no.1 bowler in ICC Test rankings and on being asked about that, Rabada replied, "Am I comfortable with it (being No.1)? Well, yes I am, because I wanted to be the best."

"I wanted to be the best when I started playing the game. It’s one of the ambitions you have as a player. So now, I guess the rankings say that I’m there but I just have to keep doing what I keep doing and to see how long I can stay there," he said.


By Jatin Sharma - 04 Apr, 2018

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