Ben Stokes hits back at Australia media outlet for their sarcastic take on his Ashes 2023 dressing room speech

Stokes' speech in dressing room was covered in the new docu-series about Ashes 2023.

Ben Stokes | Getty

England Test captain Ben Stokes has hit back at Australian media outlet Fox Sports after they took a sarcastic dig while covering his Ashes 2023 dressing room speech.

In the docu-series titled, ‘Ashes 2023 | Our Take,’ Stokes can be seen giving a motivational speech to ante up the morale of his side while the momentum they had built was being washed away by rain in the fourth Test at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester.

The official handle of Fox Cricket was certainly not too impressed with what Stokes had to say and it was shown in their sarcastically written caption linking it to their story.

This didn’t sit well with Stokes, who is not the one to take a dig lightly and hit back against the media outlet. He responded that it was when Australia was really down the trenches that rain came in for two days in Manchester which washed away any chances of England winning the Test. If England had won this Test, they would’ve pocketed the series, as they went on to win the fifth and final Test.

Said this to the team who had watched it rain for 2 days when we had our foot on your throats, just tried to cheer up the disappointment tbh,but anyways rent free and all that,” Stokes retorted.

The next edition of Ashes will be played in 2025 in Australia and such instances only fuel Stokes’ fire to lead the England team to a win down under.  


By Jatin Sharma - 03 Jul, 2024

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