"When the 5th six was hit..." Ravi Shastri recalls Yuvraj Singh's 6 sixes against Stuart Broad

Yuvraj scored half-century in just 12 balls during that match.

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Former Indian head coach Ravi Shastri recalled Yuvraj Singh’s 6 sixes against Stuart Broad in T20 World Cup 2007 clash against England. 

Yuvraj is considered one of the finest all-rounders India has ever produced. One of the main highlights of his career was hitting six sixes against England’s Broad during T20 World Cup 2007. 

India’s match against England in T20 World Cup 2007 is mostly known for Yuvraj’s heroics as he created history by hitting Broad for six back-to-back sixes, becoming the first-ever batter to achieve the feat in the shortest format.

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Speaking during the latest episode of CRED's The Long Game, Ravi Shastri, who was doing commentary duties during that game, recalled India’s World Cup 2007 clash against England. He said that when words were exchanged between Andrew Flintoff and Yuvraj Singh, he knew something special would happen. 

He remembered after three sixes were hit, David Lyod, who was also in the commentary box, took off. 

“I remember the India-England game (2007 World Cup). You know there was an exchange of words (between Yuvraj Singh and Andrew Flintoff), it had obviously rattled and needled Yuvraj. The stage was set for something special to happen and it started. 

The first one went for six, second one went for six, the third one went for six and David Lloyd jumped out of his seat and took off. What happened after that was sheer mayhem," Ravi Shastri said. 

Shastri remembered how his co-commentator was "taking off" after Yuvraj hit the fifth six. He suggested that hitting six sixes wasn't a simple feat and required "fierce concentration".

“I go into my state of mind having hit six 6s myself as to trying to anticipate what must be in the mind of the bowler and the batsmen. When the 5th six was hit, again David taking off, with me of course. And I knew, and I said it on commentary, "I think Yuvraj is favorite to hit a six here". The next one goes massive for 6, that's when you take off. No one knew what was going to happen. It takes fierce concentration," he said. 

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By Ankitjit Singh - 25 Jun, 2022

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