Gambhir finds Shastri's boasting after a win as head coach 'very surprising'

Ravi Shastri had called India's success in Australia bigger than the 1983 World Cup win.

Ravi Shastri | GETTY

India achieved a lot of success under the coaching tenure of former head coach Ravi Shastri. They defeated Australia in their backyard twice, showed impressive performance in England, and put on a good fight in South Africa during the Test series.

Whenever India did well, Shastri was never short of words while praising the Virat Kohli-led Test side. He had even gone on to call them the best Indian team in terms of what they can achieve away from home.

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But former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir wasn't impressed with Shastri's boasting whenever India did well. He found it one of the shortcomings of the ex-India coach and said, "The one thing I found surprising is that when you are performing well, you don't generally boast about it."

"It's fine if others talk about it. When we won the World Cup in 2011, no one gave statements that we are the best team in the world, let alone the country," he told Times Now Navbharat.

"When you win, let others talk about it. You won (Test series) in Australia, that's a big achievement no doubt. You performed well in England, no doubt. But let others praise you. Rahul Dravid will never give such statements. Whether the Indian team plays well or not, his statements will always remain balanced. Also, it will reflect on other players," he added.

When India triumphed in Tests against Australia for the first time Down Under, Shastri had said finding success in Australia is bigger than the 1983 World Cup.

"Humility is very important, regardless of the results. Cricket won't go on forever. I think Dravid's major focus will be on players being good human beings first," Gambhir added.


By Sihyeu Singh - 22 Nov, 2021

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