This witch hunt has to stop- Vaughan says after Morgan, Buttler, Anderson’s old tweets go viral

Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler were mocking Indians in their old tweets.

James Anderson also came under the scrutiny | AFP

Former England captain and commentator Michael Vaughan came out in support of Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler after their old tweets allegedly mocking fans resurfaced on social media.

Morgan and Buttler came into the light in the matter of social media abuse after their old alleged racist tweets, mocking Indian fans over the English language, surfaced on social media.

The two English cricketers used the word “sir” to mock the Indian fans on Twitter which have been doing the rounds on social media after the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) suspended pacer Ollie Robinson for his offensive tweets dating back to 2012-13.

According to a report in the, “Screenshots have also been shared of a message by Buttler in which he says ‘I always reply sir no1 else like me like you like me’ and, separately, Morgan includes Buttler in a message which says, ‘Sir you're my favorite batsman’.”

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Meanwhile, James Anderson’s tweet from 2010 when he was a 27-year-old, where he was making fun of teammate Stuart Broad’s hairstyle by calling him a “15 yr old lesbian”.

Following the social media saga involving the top English cricketers, Michael Vaughan admitted that the tweets of Morgan, Buttler, and Anderson didn't seem to be offensive at the time they were posted, but have become offensive many years later.

He said that the 'utterly ridiculous' witch hunt over the old social media posts needs to stop.

Vaughan wrote on Twitter, “No one at the time of Morgan's, Buttler's & Anderson's tweets seemed offended at the time they tweeted but it's amazing how they now seem offensive a few years later!!!!!! Utterly ridiculous... The witch hunt has started but has to stop.”

Noteworthy, the ECB has promised “relevant and appropriate action” following the inappropriate behavior of many English cricketers, saying each case will be considered on an individual basis.


By Rashmi Nanda - 10 Jun, 2021

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