Player reported to BCCI ACU about a nurse approaching seeking inside information during IPL 2020

The burse posed as a doctor from South Delhi hospital seeking insider info like playing XI.

The incident happened on Sept 30 right in the middle of IPL 2020A Delhi-based nurse has been accused of asking the player confidential team information on social media, as she wanted to bet on IPL 2020 matches. The approach is said to have been made on September 30, with the nurse posing as a doctor from a South Delhi hospital.

The cricketer, who represented India a couple of years back, reported the matter to the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU).

Sources said the cricketer and the nurse met online around three years ago. She allegedly claimed to be a fan and said she was a Delhi-based doctor with a private hospital. It is learnt that the cricketer had been in touch with her recently, and had sought her advice on precautions to take against infection by COVID-19.

The player had reported to us during the IPL. We investigated it, and the matter is closed now. The person who approached the player was unprofessional (did not have connections with any betting syndicate), and there was no further lead found.

We investigated thoroughly. The accused knew the player. When the player reported the matter, we took all the details. Later, we called her for questioning too, but nothing was found from her. The matter is closed,” BCCI’s ACU chief Ajit Singh said to the Indian Express.

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As per a source in BCCI, the cricketer told ACU that he had never met the nurse in person and had only interacted on social media.

He said he did not know where she lived or worked. During an online conversation, she told the player that she wanted to bet, and for that, she wanted to know about the match and playing XI,” a BCCI source said.

The cricketer is said to have responded with an angry emoji and warned her that he would inform the police about her approach. She made some crying face smileys and then told him that she would delete all the messages and assured him that she would not inform anyone about their conversations, an official said.

The incident came to light after another IPL player contacted the BCCI ACU about a person known to him approaching him on social media for details about the matches. Finding it suspicious, the player had informed the team management.

The ACU had conducted online seminars for players and officials before the tournament and had cautioned them about approaches on social media by people claiming to be fans and well-wishers.

(The Indian Express inputs)


By Jatin Sharma - 05 Jan, 2021

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