Loo breaks during training not allowed; ICC also bars handing over cap to umpires post COVID-19 

The ICC has issued some strict but safe guidelines for cricket's resumption in future.

Training hours will get more difficult without loo breaks | GettyPlayers will have to adjust to some uncomfortable rules in the post COVID-19 world, as the International Cricket Council (ICC) goes about protecting them from the on-field viral spread.

As per the guidelines issued by the ICC for the safe resumption of cricket in all its member countries, players won't be allowed to go for loo breaks during training and will be barred from handing over their personal equipments (cap, towel, sunglasses, jumpers) to the officiating umpire or teammates as part of social distancing measures. 

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"Players and umpires should maintain social distancing on the cricket field and that includes no handing over of player items (cap, towels, sunglasses, jumpers) to the umpire or teammates," reads the ICC playing guidelines document made public on Friday (May 22). 

“Consider adopting a process that will assist the bowler in managing his/her items. Umpires may also be encouraged to use gloves when handling the ball."

This shall discourage players from taking such equipment to the field or else face a penalty from the match officials. 

The ICC also wants players to minimise "time spent in the changing room before and after a match"

Respiratory droplets are seen as a massive danger - which is why the ICC Cricket Committee recommended banning saliva as a ball-applicator - and now, the governing body has advised players not to "touch eyes, nose, and mouth after making contact with the ball", further urging them to sanitise their hands afterwards. 

But without loo and shower breaks, training hours will get more difficult for players. 

"All participants should adopt a ‘ready to train’ approach where possible i.e. come to training prepared without the need to use any communal facilities such as changing rooms or showering facilities," reads the document. 

"Personal equipment should be sanitised before and after use (training and competition)."

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By Kashish Chadha - 23 May, 2020

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