BCCI treasurer confirms no plans to cut down players' salaries amid COVID-19 lockdown 

The board is hoping to not let the unforeseen circumstances affect Indian cricketers.

Indian players might go unscathed from this phase | GettyTreasurer Arun Dhumal confirmed that the BCCI hasn't had any discussions on possibly cutting down Indian players' salaries while the governing body suffers heavy losses amid the game's indefinite suspension due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

The indefinite postponement of the IPL 2020 is a major bone of contention for the board considering the money involved for all stakeholders. But that won't be allowed to affect the players, with Dhumal saying salary cut for players is the last thing the board will resort to. 

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"We are not discussing a pay cut as of now. We are hoping that despite the financial crisis we will be able to tide over it," Dhumal told ANI

"But yes IPL would be a big revenue loss to BCCI, when a situation comes then we will think about it but that would be the last thing."

"In that case, we would resort to in terms of players fee cut at all. Ideally, we somehow want to manage it without going for that cutting option," he asserted. 

The board has, however, decided to curtail some of its other expenses in wake of the lockdown. 

"Whatever cost we can curtail or whatever saving we can, we are working on that," said Dhumal. "That is an ongoing process and that started before the pandemic only. We are working on that. Even this revenue loss we are going to come across, we will go for further major and curtail our cost and look at few more revenue schemes."

This would have a direct effect on the board's employees and staff. 

"As of now, there is nothing on the players' side. But on employees or officials, we are thinking wherever we can cut down the cost we are working on that," said Dhumal. "Wherever there is a possibility of cutting cost be it pertaining to travel, be it accommodation, be it pertaining to employees cost all those things will be looked at."

Planning for life post the deadly outbreak is extremely difficult because there is no certainty when the restrictions will be eased and on-field play could resume. 

"Definitely, we are working on that aspect. As of now, given the lockdown condition whatever the coaching and support staff can do they are doing it so that their (players') physical activities remain to strengthen," said Dhumal. 

"As soon as possible, if there is some relaxation with regard to the lockdown norms, we will figure out what to do. If travel restrictions are not there and if players can come to one place, we will do that."

"If that is not possible then depending on whatever travel restrictions are taken, skill-based training could be provided at local stadiums. We will look at those options as well," he added. 

(Inputs from ANI)


By Kashish Chadha - 15 May, 2020

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